Our Process


For perfection, you need precision. Our gorgeous blend of botanicals from around the world, including, cardamom,  anise seed, sarsaparilla, juniper, coriander, French lavender, and two kinds of orange peel. Once completed, they are positioned in nylon sacks and suspended in a pure, neutral grain spirit and stay there for a 18 hours in macerating tanks.​


The distillation requires the macerate to be pumped into a stainless steel still which is accompanied by pure water. The distillate forms when the steam jackets heat the macerate and the vapours go into a shotgun condenser. Upon contact with the cold water, and the distillate forms.


This process is monitored thoroughly to achieve the very best outcome. The first liquid that leaves the still, known as the "heads" is removed. Whilst this happens, the "heart of the spirit" is collected throughout the run and then the distillers can approximate and distinguish the end of the cycle and make the final cut, also known as, "the tails." Another 7 hours goes by to achieve this meaning at that point, the "heart cut" is 142 proof.


They then transfer the "heart cut" to a blending tank where pure water is added which then ensures the gin is 84 proof. After this, the gin is then placed into a bottling tank with a 6-sprout gravity filler and pumped into bottles. This is where labels, caps, and cap strips are all applied by hand. A lengthy process for a quality beverage. The gin is then ready to pack and ship.

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