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Aviation Gin

Named after the 1900’s cocktail Aviation, the gin is made using a neutral grain spirit and 7 different botanicals;


Elettaria Cardamom




Anise Seed

Dried Sweet Orange Peel

Each bottle is handcrafted in a very meticulous process in small 100-case batches. The gin is twice distilled before being bottled at 42% ABV. The bottle itself is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and has come a long way from the original design which resembled a wine bottle with a cork. The modern design shines the gatsby-esq era, really taking you back to the prohibition days.

Ryan Reynolds has put the gin in the forefront of many consumers with his brilliant marketing. From writing fake reviews on Amazon and sharing them on Twitter, hilarious videos of himself blowing the bottles for the gin playing on trends from the Fyre documentary to brilliantly bringing the gin into partnership with Hugh Jackman and his Laughing Coffee business.

Pushing the boundaries of gin with it’s minimal juniper taste, Aviation is a gin enjoyed by all and may appeal particularly to those that are unsure of the strong juniper tastes found in traditional gins, you will find this one to be a good starting point. It is a well balanced gin and is great to enjoy as cocktail or as your normal G&T.

We had it paired with an Indian tonic water, mint and dried lime slice to garnish and it was absolutely delicious. One that we will be enjoying many more times this summer.

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