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Bathtub Gin

‘Distinctively Delicious’ is the message Ableforth’s pride themselves on and they’re not wrong. The award winning gin, made in copper pot-distills, is made with 6 botanicals.

These are infused and distilled over seven days, during which time Ableforth’s team sample the gin regularly to ensure the botanicals are perfectly balanced. Resulting in this ‘distinctively delicious’ gin.

This gin has a heavy juniper nose with notes of fresh orange peel and cinnamon. The palate also leads with the juniper before the depth of the strong spicy notes from the coriander comes through. The finish offers the supporting botanicals with lingering cardamom and light citrus orange peel. Overall this is a smooth gin with a lot of spice and herb flavour. It is a solid winter gin and should be on top of your list to enjoy on a cold, wintery evening.

Did you know? Bathtub tub is sometimes referred to as Compounded Gin. This simply means that rather than adding the botanicals through distillation, the ingredients are in fact infused in a spirit, often something neutral like vodka.

Overall it’s a nicely balanced gin which we’d recommend you enjoy in the colder months of the year – fans of spice-led gins, or those looking to try something different to those regular gins will enjoy this particular one.

Bathtub Gin tastes great with a premium tonic and wedge of orange. Made with 6 botanicals:



Cassia bark


Orange peel


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