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Bulldog Gin

The name was inspired by Winston Churchill and the British Bulldog spirit he embodied. The flavour created from botanicals that Anshuman had come across during his travels around the world with his diplomat father.

Bulldog gin is made with 12 botanicals sourced from around the world. It is quadruple-distilled in copper pot stills here in the UK and bottled at 40% ABV. The taste is quite complex and probably not what you’d expect from a London dry gin. Each sip brings with it a hint of a new flavour from the 12 botanicals, starting with the juniper.

We believe it’s a great a gin to be used as a substitute across a variety of cocktails to open up a new world of flavours. The lemon for instance giving off a citrus taste, or the dragon eye known for it’s natural stimulating effects makes it quite suitable for a hair of the dog. We enjoyed our Bulldog with Indian tonic & dried lime slices.

Either way, we find the Bulldog to be the different gin that you love to have on your shelf. Full of flavour and boldness, it’s certainly an enjoyable G&T. You can find the latest price for a bottle of Bulldog Gin here (last we checked it was on offer for only £16!).

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