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Calories In Gin

If you make yourself a lovely sugar free G & T made with 25ml of 37.5% ABV it contains just 97 calories which makes gin an amazing choice if you're watching your weight. Of course, if you opt for a double, this can make your drink even more calorific. A double which is 50ml, made with 37.5% ABV gin contains 149 calories. So, it's kind of similar to a packet of crisps.

If you are into calories and weight loss, you will probably know the term ‘empty calories’ with no nutritional value and that is what a double would essentially be. It tastes great but it's not going to give you energy or many health benefits, although there are a few we've mentioned in our previous article. Although many alcoholic drinks contain traces of vitamins and minerals it's not enough to contribute to our diet in the most positive way. Enjoy your gin but make sure you eat a healthy balanced diet that isn't restrictive or too cautious over calories. Moderation is key!

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