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Death’s Door Gin

Best served with Fever-Tree aromatic tonic and garnished with dried lime slices. The first tasting note was the juniper berries, swiftly followed by the mid-palate of spicy coriander notes before the soft, cooling finishing notes of soft fennel. This gin is not one to be lost in multi-ingredient cocktails, the simplistic flavour is strong enough to be enjoyed neat, as part of a G&T or as the core ingredient in a martini.

Typically gins are distilled with several botanicals, whereas Death’s Door contains only juniper, coriander and fennel.

The name ‘Death’s Door’ (you might be wondering), comes from the stretch of water that the wheat must cross on its way from the fields of Washington Island to the distillery in Madison Wisconsin.

This one was a favourite of ours right from the off. Not only does it have a cool name, but it tastes great on the rocks and even better with the Fever-Tree aromatic tonic and dried lime slices.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for this one in the future.

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