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Gift Wrapped Red Leaf Gin Review

Created by Copper in the Clouds, the Gift-Wrapped Red Leaf Gin is my new premium spirit favourite. What makes everyone at so excited about the gin is that it comes with a perfect blend of seasonal botanicals, making it a perfect companion this autumn season.

As the temperature outside begins to get lower, I usually crave comfort foods, hot chocolate and heart-warming movies. I also start digging into my wardrobe to find the warmest outfits possible!

Let me introduce you to Gift-Wrapped Red Leaf Gin. Almost instantly the flavours of the gin quite strong on the nose, however, as soon as you take a sip, you are introduced to a bursting fruity taste with a hint of spice. This warming dry gin can be served over ice, or I even tried it mixing with the sweet vermouth to create a Martini with a twist.


In 2016, James Grant founded Copper in the Clouds, which started as a community project. The distillery company aims to help people and the community as a whole, to gain access to the limited edition releases from the country’s finest distilleries.

The Dowsett’s Farm, where the distillery company is based, is surrounded by ancient woodlands in the Hertfordshire countryside. Through its stunning view, the distillers become more inspired to produce more high-quality products not just for the locals, but also for the gin lovers worldwide.

This distillery company has a small team and based on a Hertfordshire farm but has a great passion for exploring the true flavour of spirit through one distillation process at a time. So, it’s no surprise why the Gift-Wrapped Red Leaf Gin delivers a perfect balance of taste, smell, and texture in every sip.

How It Is Made

The distillery company ensures that each Gift-Wrapped Red Leaf Gin bottle was distilled in the 2 traditional copper pot stills. All botanicals are then grown by their local botanists or sourced from their trusted partners across the globe. The bottle is filled, numbered, and wax sealed. After that, it will be labelled and wrapped.


This delicate yet warming dry gin delivers bursting flavours of Seville orange peel, roasted hazelnuts, and blackberry leaves. In addition to these flavours, the Gift-Wrapped Red Leaf Gin also offers the traditional gin tone of juniper berries.

Taste, Smell, and Smoothness

From the bottle itself, I was already stunned. Each detail of the bottle displays a very high level of creativity, this resulted in me being more inclined and excited to taste the Gift-Wrapped Red Leaf Gin.

As I took my first sip, I tasted the subtle sweetness and juiciness of the gin. After that, the leafy herbs along with the soft citrus cut through the coriander spice and oily juniper. Thanks to the coriander seed and juniper berries, the gin has a perfect platform to produce the ideal smoothness it should have, whilst the Seville orange creates a pleasant citrusy smell.

I also experimented with this delicate dry gin. I mixed it with decent tonic water and garnished with a fresh slice of orange which was a really tasty alternative.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, the Gift-Wrapped Red Leaf Gin will automatically draw attention because of its beautiful, creative wrapping.

In addition to the wonderfully presented bottle wrap, the gin itself is even more satisfying. This gin has a perfect, smooth orange flavour. The Gift-Wrapped Red Leaf Gin will definitely be a great part of my autumn celebrations or any time I wish to taste quality, warming dry gin.

So, as the autumn months continue, make sure that you grab yourself a bottle of Gift-Wrapped Red Leaf Gin.

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