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A refreshing and sweet christmas cocktail!


  • Cranberries - I used frozen

  • Filtered water

  • 50 ml / 2 shots of gin - chilled

  • 250 ml Appletiser original - chilled

  • 3 Cranberry ice cubes

  • Cinnamon stick

  • Slice apple

  • Wedge of lime

How To Make:

  • Place 4 cranberries in each compartment of an ice cube tray, top up with distilled water and freeze overnight. If the cranberries float, half fill the tray, allow to freeze then top up with more water.

  • Pour the gin into a glass, top with with Appletiser, add the ice cubes, cinnamon stick and apple. Give the lime wedge a gentle squeeze and then add to the drink.

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