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Gin Digestion Benefits

Just when you thought gin couldn't get any better... think again! Digestion. It's an interesting topic as we have all experienced some kind of discomfort from certain foods we eat and how our bodies react and decide to process them. The good news it, gin can really help you out when your body needs a lil extra something to help things work. Did you know that the bitters used to create gin in fact boost stomach acid and digestive enzymes within your digestive system, so when you've consumed a large-ish meal, full of rich foods and difficult ingredients that you body may find a challenge to break down, gin will really help you out. What happens when we eat rich foods? The evil HEART BURN that comes with it, well today is your lucky day because gin actually aids against painful heartburn, so you can carry on with your desired portions and drink gin to avoid all of the bad side effects from feeling full.

We must warn you, even though your favourite alcohol has health benefits, it’s definitely recommended that you seek professional medical advice from your doctor before consuming any beverages.

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