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Gin Is SO Healthy!

Low Calories Gin is an amazing low calorie drink if you're watching your weight. One shot of the good stuff is just 97 calories. If you add a sugar free mixer, you're laughing! This is a great choice when you take into consideration that an average glass of wine is 160 calories and a pint of beer is 208 calories. Low Sugar Sugar, although addictive and very yummy, has more cons than pros, and thankfully gin is a great alcohol beverage that tastes amazing and only has traces of sugar, so it's the perfect option if you're watching your sugar content. Gin And Hay Fever Asthma UK states that switching to gin in the summer months could help to ease your coughs and sneezes. This is the case because studies have found that The theory is that common drinks such as beer and cider have a higher histamine content due to their fermentation process which can actually worsen hay fever symptoms. Making the switch to clear spirits like gin instead can definitely help curb them. Bloating Thanks to juniper berries and their natural diuretic capabilities alongside the herbs used to make gin, you are going to experience great digestion. Most alcohol can bloat anyone, so maybe gin is the perfect solution to avoid bloating altogether when you want to enjoy a nice drink. No Wrinkles Beauty fans will love this... yes that's right, gin is amazing for keeping wrinkles at bay. It's main ingredient is juniper berries, which are full of antioxidants. These help keep your appearance healthy and youthful, so every cocktail is like a mini facial... kind of.

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