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Gin Mixers - The Very Best

Getting bored of using tonic for your favourite gin beverage? Well we have a list of amazing mixers you can try to spice up your favourite alcohol!

Ginger beer Ginger beer usually pairs well with whisky and lime but believe us when we say, it's amazing with gin! It adds a little sweetness and spice to the spirit, enjoy!

Fizzy elderflower Fizzy elderflower is the perfect mixer for a gorgeous summery beverage. Bitter lemon Have no fear, It’s actually not too bitter, it just has a bit of a tang which is the perfect way to compliment gin. Coca-Cola

If you love rum and coke, this is a little different but gin and coke is amazing together. A hint of lime and you're all set! Soda water This is simple but great! As long as you pair it with a nice wedge of fresh lime or lemon, oh and it's low calorie!

Cranberry juice Cranberry juice is perfect for a sweeter beverage! Tomato juice This may sound cray, but it's actually very nice! Switch up a Bloody Mary and you’ll have a Red Snapper. It's spicy and refreshing.

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