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Gin Myth's

It Makes You Sad No, gin does not make you sad, why is this even a myth? There is no major difference between an 80-proof gin and an 80-proof vodka, the only difference is herbs and citrus peels. Juniper berries can't make you sad and the alcohol content will not effect your mood, unless you become drunk of course. Gin Should Only Be Consumed Cold Now, the sound of a lukewarm G&T isn't very appealing, and we aren't recommending this, however if it's winter and you aren't trying hot gin drinks, you're missing some delicious beverages! A tradition dating back to the 1800s in England is when Hot Gin Punch was hugely popular, try it! Every Gin Tastes Like Juniper Believe it or not, not all gins are juniper tasting. Take Hendrick’s, which is actually made with rose and cucumber and Malfy, which is made up of Italian lemons. These brands amongst many other taste completely different to London Dry style gins. So don't be afraid of juniper, there is variation out there. The Juniper Berry Is a Berry This may be the craziest myth of all, especially because of it's name.. but juniper berry, which is gin's signature flavour, is not actually a berry! GASP! It is in fact a seed that just looks like a berry.

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