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Gin Or Vodka? All You Need To Know

Gin and vodka are the most popular spirits and very distinctive in their taste. One is made up of pine and herbal flavours, while the other is an odourless, tasteless spirit. We love to use both in cocktails such as the Martini or Vodka/Gin and Tonic, and switch them up every time. GIN Gin is a liquor with a general juniper flavour dependent on type that is around 40 percent of alcohol by volume. Juniper is gin’s main characteristic, and has a pine like taste. The creation of gin dates back to the Dutch genever, a wine-based medicinal spirit. The English got a hold of genever during the 80 Years War and the 30 Years War in the 1600s, which is where the term “Dutch courage” came from. Genever later lost the wine base for a distilled neutral spirit base, but kept the juniper. The UK loved gin so much it became known as “mother’s ruin” because so many people were consuming it. VODKA Vodka was created to be flavorless and clear. It is known as a “neutral spirit or alcohol”. It has been consumed since1970, and takes up 32 percent of the liquor market. Russians consume a huge17.28 vodka shots per month. WOW! The word “vodka” comes from the Russian word for water, "voda" which is probably due to it's water like appearance. The great thing about vodka is that it can be made anywhere, and from many things. Gin and vodka can be created out of anything and some bases are corn, wheat, rye, potato, grapes, and sorghum. Even some bases used include carrots, beets, and even milk. There is always a main and first ingredient that is first fermented and then distilled. This process happens multiple times in order to remove as much flavour as possible. Water is added to bring the spirit down to 40 percent alcohol by volume, and the difference is with gin, it is mixed with juniper and other herbs and spices.

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