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Gin Will Keep You Looking Young

Yes you read that right, gin can help you look and feel younger!

Thanks to the antioxidants in berries, gin can help with healthier-looking skin, and since it is packed full of berries, it's almost certain that gin will definitely help you achieve that youthful, glowing look. A lot of people don't think these same antioxidants are found in gin so it's an easily missed beauty product ;) It does sound a little crazy we know! Another cool fact is that the Juniper berries used in gin contain the same antioxidants that promote the regeneration of cells within your body. So it really is the best drink to have if you want to take care of your skin and body. The more antioxidants you can ingest will mean you will get less wrinkles and blemishes. So maybe it's time to mix up your anti ageing regime for a drink... or two. Get that glow!

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