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Hayman’s Old Tom Gin REVIEW

We enjoyed our Old Tom paired with mediterranean tonic & dried orange slices.

The traditional process Hayman’s use involves three key copper stills. Majorie, Karin and Miranda all named after members of the Hayman’s family. Every gin is distilled using 100% English wheat and from a family recipe dating back over 150 years.

We tasted the Old Tom Gin variation of Hayman’s. A sweeter taste than your London Dry Gins, Old Tom has a nose of juniper, citrus, soft spice and subtle earthy notes. The Palate rich, round and smooth with a vibrant citrus and light sweetness, finished with the lingering hints of citrus and quality.

A few sips of this gin and it’s easy to see how it perfectly fits in a recipe for a Martinez or Tom Collins cocktail.

If you want to taste a traditional gin just like it would’ve been from the 1880’s then this is the one for you. Favoured by bartenders for it’s classic tasting notes and compatibility in many cocktails, this is one to add to your gin shelf. Their gins include 10 botanicals:

Macedonian juniper berries, Bulgarian coriander seeds, Angelica root from Belgium, Egyptian lemon peel, Orange peel from Spain, Cinnamon from Madagascar, Cassia bark from Indonesia, Orris root from Morocco, Liquorice from Uzbekistan & Indonesian nutmeg

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