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Homemade Clementine Infused Gin

A perfectly refreshing gin for the summer months – but be quick as it takes 3 weeks to make – this is Blighty, could be raining next week!

This recipe makes approximately 75cl of gin (the same amount as a standard bottle of gin) so plenty to impress your friends at your next BBQ.

You will need:

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Sterilise the container

  2. Cut the clementines into four (keep the skin on)

  3. Add the clementines, sugar and gin to the container

  4. Seal the container, shake and leave for 2 weeks (somewhere dry and dark preferably)

  5. Give it a shake every few days – this helps dissolve the sugar

  6. After 2 weeks, sieve the gin and remove the clementines

  7. Add your finished gin into a sterilised bottle

If you think you’d like a more marmalady taste – leave for up to 3 weeks, but anything longer can make it taste too bitter.

Whack on the suncream, sit in the garden and serve with a good quality tonic such as Fever-Tree naturally light tonic.

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