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Interesting Gin facts!

Did you know... 1. Philippines is the country with the world’s highest per-capita gin consumption and has roughly 25 million cases consumed every single year.

2. The juniper used to make gin is picked wild.

3. A juniper berry isn't even a berry, it's actually a type of seed cone with very unique fleshy and merged scales which gives it the appearance of a berry.

4. This one may shock you... London Dry Gin is not as you know it. This gin in fact doesn’t need to be made in London but is actually a style guideline.

5 . ‘Bathtub gin’ was in fact a style of gin that was cheaply produced and made popular during the Prohibition era in the United States. Crazily enough, this gin was sometimes lethal due to the scary side effects as it sometimes contained methanol. Some that drank the gin would go blind and become poisoned. Yikes. 6. A bit of history! Gin was used first of all in British colonies to hide the flavour of quinine which was bitter and hard to drink.

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