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King of Soho Gin

This London Dry Gin is crafted with 12 botanicals to a unique recipe. Distilled in the heart of London this bold, colourful brand is very well aligned to the characteristics and spirit of Soho.

The link to Soho is down to the creators father’s love for Soho. Howard Raymond inherited his father’s passion for the Soho district and along with his business partner, Alex Robson, decided to capture the unique qualities of Soho in a drinks brand as a tribute to his Father.

Each detail of the brand reflects the character of Soho. The character’s velvet tailoring a nod to the bohemian fashion, the fox’s tail signifying Soho’s former status as a royal hunting ground as well as the mischievous animal of the night that mirrors the attitude of the district. The trumpet and book also honour the rich music history and creative industries from within Soho.

Bottled at 42% ABV this gin is quadruple distilled in small batches using traditional methods in a steel pot still. The 12 botanicals listed below are mixed with neutral grain spirit and water to macerate overnight, releasing the flavours from the botanicals. They are then slowly heated to allow the botanical vapours to pass through to a condenser where they cool back to liquid form. Once the distillation is done, water and more neutral grain spirit are added to complete the process.

This gin’s nose reveals classic juniper and pine notes with a hint of zesty citrus. The palate features citrus, sweetness and earthiness with a hint of grapefruit.

Although this gin doesn’t bring anything new to the table in regards to taste, it is a standard mid-range gin. If you were to have a gin tasting evening, you would likely want at least one G&T to have the King of Soho in.

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