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Larios 12

This Gin is truly a delight... 11 of the 12 botanicals are distilled four times, and then once more for the fifth time to introduce citrus, orange blossom.

The full 12 are;

Angelica root




Mediterranean lemon






Wild juniper

Orange blossom

This creates a tangy, aromatic front. The palate brings more citrus and zesty notes, and much less traditional juniper tastes found within your typical gin.

Light on the juniper taste, this gin is suited for those looking for a refreshing summer drink to enjoy whilst basking in the sunshine. We had ours paired with mediterranean tonic & dried orange slices.


5cl Larios 12

20cl tonic

Lime leather

Orange skin

Orange blossom

How To Make:

Fill the glass with abundant ice, twist a little bit of lime and pass it over the edge of the glass.

Remove the ice by making circles to cool the glass and let the lime soak it with flavour.

Serve 5cl of Larios 12 and add the tonic.

Finish with an orange corkscrew and orange blossom.

Sounds delightful, right? Although our serve was slightly different, with the mediterranean tonic and dried orange slices, it was still an enjoyable and refreshing gin & tonic. One that we would recommend on any sunny evening for a taste of summery Espana!

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