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Make It Yourself - Gooseberry Gin

Ingredients: 400g gooseberries

150g-250g caster sugar

700ml bottle gin

1l wide-mouthed, flip-top jar, sterilised How To Make: Wash, then top and tail the gooseberries, discarding any leaves or stalks. Cut each berry in half, then put the fruit into the sterilised 1-litre jar. Add the sugar – 250g for green gooseberries, 150g for sweeter, red gooseberries, then pour over the gin. Seal the lid and shake until most of the sugar dissolves. Reserve the emptied gin bottle for later.

Keep in a cool dark place, and give the jar a shake every day if you can, or every couple of days. The gin will be ready after three weeks, but can be kept for up to three months with the fruit in for a stronger flavour. Don’t keep the gooseberries in the gin for any longer than three months or the flavour will start to deteriorate.

Decant a little into a glass, and taste. When you’re happy with the flavour, discard the fruit, and strain through a fine mesh cloth or muslin, back into the original, or another, clean bottle. The flavour will keep developing over time, store in a cool dark place. Drink on its own, mix with tonic or drink with sparkling water and mint for a refreshing summery cocktail.

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