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Make It Yourself: Homemade Cherry Gin

You can drink homemade cherry gin neat or mixed with tonic, it's a refreshing and flavoursome option for a lovely G&T.

How To Make: Start by washing the cherries well and removing any stalks or leaves. Put the whole cherries (including the stones) into the 1-litre jar, along with the gin and sugar. Seal the lid, and shake until most of the sugar dissolves. Reserve the gin bottle if you’re planning to decant the liquor back into it later.

Keep in a cool dark place, and give the jar a shake every day, if you can, or every couple of days. The cherry gin will be ready after three weeks, but can be kept for up to three months with the cherries in for a stronger flavour. Don’t keep the cherries in the gin for any longer than three months or the flavour will start to deteriorate. The cherries will lighten in colour as the gin darkens and takes on the flavour.

Decant a little into a glass, and taste. When you’re happy with the flavour, strain through a fine mesh cloth or muslin, back into the original, or another, clean bottle, and discard the fruit. The flavour will keep developing over time, store in a cool dark place. Drink on its own, mix with tonic, or top up with sparkling water and serve with a slice of lemon for a refreshing alternative to a G&T.

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