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Peaky Blinders Spiced Gin

Gin has been growing in popularity over the last several years. The biggest market remains in the UK, but overseas markets such as the U.S. and Australia are increasing as well.

With the popularity of gin on the rise, it is no surprise that new brands and flavours are coming onto the market. New companies are creating many of these, however, some old distillers are also capitalising on gin. One such distillery is Sadler’s, who in 2017 introduced its Peaky Blinders Spiced Gin.

History of Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is the name Sadler’s decided to use for their newest series of spirits. The set includes spiced gin, black spiced rum, and Irish whisky. The spirits are named after the notorious Peaky Blinders gang, who operated for several decades out of Birmingham, UK, lasting from the 1890s until the 1930s.

There’s now even a popular TV series about them. Despite the dodgy Brummy accents, the series has captivated the UK scene since it was aired on television in September 2013. The Peaky Blinders were not ones to be messed with their no mercy, ruthless style that was key to them staying so dominated for over 50 years. With the ambitious Thomas Michael Shelby at the helm, the Peaky Blinders were one of the most feared gangs in all of Britain.

Let’s all face it, despite all of this, who isn’t a bit of a fan of Tommy Shelby…

Tasting Notes

As with any good spirit, the key is in the flavour and the Peaky Blinders offers a rich, complex flavour that still retains the juniper flavour that makes it a gin. I’m sure Tommy Shelby is used to scotch or brandy but this gin is just as delicious. For those who are unfamiliar, juniper berries are technically the only ingredient required for a spirit to be considered gin.

On the nose, Peaky Blinders Spiced Gin has an oaky scent, almost like coffee and ripe orange. On the palate, you can notice black pepper and ginger right away. The initial spiciness is then balanced out by the addition of citrus flavourings. Finally, this gin finishes with a juniper flavour and just a slight bit of eucalyptus.

Best Mixers

Of course, nothing can beat a tonic when it comes to gin, but there are other mixers worth considering. As gin flavours evolve, so too must your selection of mixers. The best mixer for London Dry is tonic water, this much is established, but new gins have a different flavour profile than traditional gins and should be treated differently as well.

Some simple mixers you can add are lemon or lime juice to add more citrus flavour to your gin. Cranberry juice is also an excellent mixer, but one of the best mixers for this gin is a little bit surprising. The sweetness of a Coca-Cola can help to bring out some of the subtler flavours of this gin.


Peaky Blinders is a fairly new entry to a rapidly growing market. It is made by the Sadler’s distillery which provides much of the spirits consumed in the Birmingham area today.

This is a gin with a complex flavour profile. As the gin market grows, so do the flavour combinations. Gin has grown from a simple spirit flavoured with juniper berries, to a complex beverage with many different iterations.

Like the sound of the Peaky Blinders Gin? Why not try a bottle yourself?

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