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Poetic Fireside Gin Review

During autumn, I find a glass of gin a perfect way to keep myself cosy and warm. My autumn months are never complete without a bottle of Poetic Fireside Gin.

Not only does a red knitted sweater and comfy boots make me more excited about autumn, but also the Poetic Fireside Gin. Although it is fairly new to the gin lover market, more and more people are interested in this gin. Little did I mentioned that I am one of them? Since I can sense that you are also into trying the Poetic Fireside Gin, we happily give you this gin review.

Let’s start our Poetic Fireside Gin journey!


The Poetic License Distillery is the reason why we always keep a bottle of Poetic Fireside Gin besides in our cupboards this autumn. Mark Hird is the man behind the distillery company. Due to his great love and passion for locally produced ale and spirits. So, it’s no surprise why he came up with Poetic License Fireside Gin which is now enjoyed by many, especially during the autumn season.

How It Is Made

The Poetic License Distillery pours a high degree of passion into every bottle of Fireside Gin. They make their bottles of gin in a traditional way through the “pot distilling process”. The juniper berries and botanicals will be macerated and then boiled. By doing so, it allows the botanical flavours to come through in the process. For about 24 hours, the combined berries and botanicals are being steeped to preserve the flavours. After that, water will be added so that the distilled gin can be reduced. The bottles are then ready to be sold and consumed.


Each bottle of Fireside Gin features a perfect combination of festive fruit and mulled spice notes.

It contains the usual gin notes from juniper and orris root. Thanks to the dried fruits, you also get a hint of sweetness which blasts into the palate.

For a zingy freshness, The Poetic License Distillery did a good job in adding the clementine. Nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon introduce the perfect mulling spice blend, which gives off that warming flavour.

When serving this gin, we recommend to have a glass over large ice chunks and garnish with fresh cranberries. Then, put your feet up and enjoy.

Poetic License Gin Variety

Interestingly, the Poetic License Distillery is not limited to Fireside Gin. Flavours include Poetic License Old Tom, Northern Dry Gin, and Strawberry and Cream Gin.

Poetic License Old Tom

The Poetic License Old Tom aims to offer a bit more peppery and sweeter taste, which is what you taste instantly from your first sip. The botanicals alone like juniper, angelica root, liquorice, orange bitter, and orange sweet enhance the sweet taste and the oak casks adds colour and flavour.

Poetic License Northern Dry Gin

Poetic License Northern Dry Gin is heavily focused on letting the juniper flavours take center stage from the first sip. The juniper is then balanced out by the green cardamom due to its spicy and warm flavour. This gin has undertones of eucalyptus and lemon that intensifies the Persian lime’s citrus feel. Within this gin, there are 13 key botanicals including the already mentioned, juniper berries, cubeb, coriander, angelica root and more.

Poetic License Strawberry and Cream Gin

The Poetic License and Cream Gin is another gin from the distiller that will excite your taste buds. It has a sweet taste, creamy texture, and strong fruity flavour. This gin comes with the traditional gin notes of juniper, orris root, and coriander. Then, for extra creaminess and sweetness of strawberries, the botanicals are distilled and infused. This also helps in giving the gin a deep red colour. After mixing with tonic, the colour turned into a blushing pink.

Final Thoughts

Visually, the packaging of Poetic License Fireside Gin unique and beautiful. As for the taste, it gave me the perfect balance of the usual gin tones, smoothness, sweetness. Overall, this gin is a must-have every autumn.

From carefully picked ingredients to the fine distillation process, to aesthetic bottling, The Fireside gin is already the perfect companion to heat you up this autumn.

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