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Rock Rose Gin

A premium Scottish gin, the Rock Rose gin recipe was finalised after 55 experiments by Martin & Claire Murray. This recipe was chosen to give a ‘wee taste of Caithness’. The first batch was distilled in 2014.

Using 18 botanicals, 5 of which are grown local to the distillery. In fact, the name Rock Rose actually comes from one of the botanicals they use, “Rhodiola rosea” which grows on the cliffs of Pentland Firth. The folklore behind this particular botanical is that Vikings allegedly believed it would give them extra strength to continue their long journeys. Although there’s no proof of the botanical giving you extra strength, it does add a rose aroma and floral taste to the gin.

Shipped in a beautiful ceramic bottle, this gin gives lots of juniper flavour on the initial sip. Before following through with floral notes and some light sweetness. For a gin made in the far north this gin has done very well for itself in terms of popularity. The recognisable brand and bottle sure help with that.

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