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Salcombe Gin – Start Point

After two years of experimenting they landed on a recipe they liked and launched Salcombe Gin. It’s distilled in the charmingly named still Provident, a 450L Arnold Holstein still. This is all done at their distillery which was built in place of the very yacht club they first met, and happens to be one of the few distilleries accessible by boat in the world.

The inspiration for the gin comes from the largely forgotten Salcombe fruiters who imported the majority of Britain’s citrus fruit in the 19th Century. The creators did their best to map out the trading routes and in turn, where possible, sourced the ingredients from these countries.

Water sourced from Dartmoor is then used to bring down the ABV to 44% before being bottled.

This gin puts the citrus flavours in the spotlight. An easy-drinking, traditional gin with wide appeal. Made with 13 botanicals

Angelica, Bay leaves, Cardamom, Cinnamon bark, Chamomile, Coriander seeds, Cubeb berries, Fresh lemon, lime and grapefruit peels, Liquorice, Macedonian juniper, Orris

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