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Seedlip Garden 108 (Non-Alcoholic Gin)

Some readers may be surprised to learn that you can buy non-alcoholic spirits. While most people choose to drink spirits for the intoxicating qualities as much or more than the flavour, some simply enjoy the flavours offered by spirits.

Non-alcoholic spirits are an excellent option for people who do not drink alcohol but want to have a celebratory drink, or who just enjoy the flavours offered by the botanicals. The creator of Seedlip decided to sell his product specifically based on the lack of availability of non-alcoholic spirits around London. His main complaint was that the non-alcoholic drinks offered were usually very sugary and had little flavour.

At a time in history where people are more concerned with the food they eat and what they drink than ever, more people are looking for alternative options. Enter, Seedlip and Garden 108.

Seedlip History

Seedlip is a relatively new company. Ben Branson started the company only a few years ago. His goal is to create delicious spirits that are friendly to the environment and offer a non-alcoholic alternative to traditional spirits.

The recipes used by Branson are derived from a book on distilling from the 1650s. Branson chose the recipes because they used pea-based spirits. This offered him a way to profit off of his family’s 300-year-old pea farm. Profits for the farm were low, but by using the harvest to invest in spirits, Branson was able to start Seedlip.

After deciding that he wanted to go into business, Branson needed to find startup capital. The initial startup money came from an unexpected place. The company received its funding from Diageo, one of the world’s largest alcohol companies. It seems that Branson may have stumbled onto a market that the big players do not want to miss out on.

Unlike most small distilleries, Branson can sell his products in North America and has several clients across the pond already. The US has strict alcohol importation laws and taxes that make selling in the region impractical for most smaller operations.

Flavour Profile

Seedlip describes Garden 108 as a herbal flavour. Seedlip flavours it with peas and hay from Branson’s family farm. It is also flavoured with local herbs from the area. Rosemary offers a spiciness to this spirit, and spearmint gives it a clean flavour. Thyme adds a slight lemon and pine scent.

How Best to Serve

Seedlip Garden 108 can be used in any recipe that calls for spiced gin. You can also use it in its own unique recipes. One recommended recipe is to mix with tonic and serve with a sugar snap pea.


If it is your turn to drive, you just don’t want to drink, or even if you just want to take a night off, Seedlip offers an alternative to traditional spirits. The brand was created to fill a niche in the market that many people did not even realise existed.

This non-alcoholic spirit manages to capture the flavour of a well-crafted spirit without the alcohol.

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