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Sink The Pink Cocktail

Say hello to a refreshing gin cocktail using homemade syrups and liqueurs, it's truly wonderful. Pick a gin of your choice but as a recommendation, Beefeater gin is perfect to compliment the grapefruit and plums. Enjoy! Ingredients:

  • Pink grapefruit juice 20ml

  • Lemon juice 20ml

  • Sugar syrup 15ml

  • Liquid Polygamy syrup 15ml (to be made)

  • Beefeater gin 50ml

  • Maraschino cherry to serve

Liquid Polygamy Syrup Ingredients:

  • 4 plums

  • Sugar syrup 350ml

  • Plum bitters 20ml

What you need: Cocktail glass

Cocktail shaker & strainer

How to make:

I's so simple! Mix the ingredients for the syrup together in a blender, then shake the mix with ice for 10 seconds. Strain into a glass and drop a cherry in for extra flavour and colour. It's delicious!

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